Business Development

Business Plans

A business plan describes your business future.  Properly done, a business plan can help perform a number of tasks conveying your business goals, the strategies you will use to meet them, and potential problem that may confront your business and ways to solve them.  As a group that has been there – MANY TIMES BEFORE, we can help you solve your problems.

Building Sales Support Groups

Sales Operations has grown from its original roots in sales support to become the operations activity within sales management. As with any process management function, it is responsible for making sure the sales process runs effectively, efficiently, with continuous improvement in support of the Sales strategy and objectives. As a group we have implemented effective operational processes to enable sales to sell and not be concerned with the backroom functions.  It is also key that the Support groups understand and are able to interact with the other functional groups e.g., Finance, Marketing, IT and HR.

Global and Channel Distribution

Should we sell through Channel Partners or into other countries?

It becomes a very strategic decision that needs to be defined and understood before implementing. For example, a company might implement a channel sales strategy to sell its product via an in house sales force, dealers, retailers or by direct marketing. This is a very complicated and sensitive process. It is key to set up the proper compensation and rules of engagement for the direct sales force and the channel sales force to minimize conflict.