Large Projects Management

Project Management

How many times have you had significant projects stalled simply because you and your organization were tied up with the demands of the day-to-day business needs? The impact to the success of a product roll out or a system implementation can be costly if not implemented with the goals, time line and budget in mind. Resources available but waiting for the next set of directions are costly. Ensuring that priorities are established, before they are needed, can enable optimal utilization of these valuable resources. The many processes that need understanding, development, and implementation is where we can provide the needed guidance.

Management of Outsourced 3rd Party Programs

The scope of the outsourced functions varies by organization, but generally includes some of the following:

Sales Overlay or Product Specialist Programs

As with Channel selection and implementation, many times a part of an optimized distribution solution is to hire product specialists, key, major, or global account overlay. These programs can be very successful at driving new revenue by penetrating an existing customer base with new products or in new locations. Many organizations can struggle with the implementation of these programs because of their far ranging effect on many disciplines and sensitive topics such as process, quota, compensation, sales crediting, account ownership, and account management. We have the benefit of over 75 years of experience in managing overlay programs. Let us help you define an entire solution to avoid the implementation problems that we’ve encountered.

Sales Training

Training is one of most important tools to grow your bench strength and deliver the power of your value proposition. There is a tendency to focus on silver bullet solutions through the latest program or book. Let us help you improve your sales force by a thorough examination of your current onboarding and training regimen. We can help you to build and deliver sales and sales management training through a combination of make/buy/recommend.

Sales Hiring & Competencies

Human Resource generalists can benefit from our years of experience in selection and retention strategies to improve the hiring process for sales – one of the most expensive employee resources. We have developed sales competencies, interview guides, sales and sales management scorecards, and sales performance process.

Sales Meetings

Is it time to get your salesforce together to train, motivate, and align with current company strategy? We can help you deliver a memorable experience from agenda building to specialized training to get the most from your investment.